Roulette Croupier – How to Work in a Casino?

In a gambling game such as roulette, the roles that dealers play are very important. A roulette croupier should ideally keep the game in proper order. He or she should be able to uphold the roulette rules at all times, not only to protect the casino that he or she works for, but also the roulette players playing on his or her roulette table. The job of a roulette croupier is not as easy as how it looks. If you are wondering what it takes to become a roulette croupier or how it feels like to be a roulette croupier, then this discussion should give answers to your questions.

The Roulette Croupier Job Description

A roulette croupier is a familiar person for all of those who have played roulette. However, not everyone who has played in the roulette table truly understands what it takes to be a roulette croupier.

Normally, a roulette table has a single roulette croupier but in other casinos, you may be able to find several roulette croupiers in one roulette table. Essentially what a roulette croupier does is to distribute roulette chips in exchange of cash, spin the roulette wheel, aid players in placing their bets, collect the losing chips and pay those who have made winning bets.

If you are a beginner in playing roulette, you can actually ask a roulette croupier for some help if in case you have questions about the game. You have to remember that a roulette croupier makes sure that the game is running as smoothly as possible, and he or she will be more than willing to give you the assistance that you may need. However, given a chance that there are disputes on the table, the roulette croupier will not be the one to resolve it but rather the roulette croupier’s supervisor. This supervisor is called the “pit boss”.

How to Become a Roulette Croupier?

Although the job of roulette croupier seems to be very simple, casinos actually have a long list of qualifications for the roulette croupier’s job.

These qualifications include education, license, certification and a few physical requirements. When it comes to education, it is not necessarily important to have a college degree to become a roulette croupier. Most casinos would only require a high school diploma. Nevertheless, it is still an advantage for applicants to have a four-year college degree especially when the competition for the roulette croupier’s job is tough.

License and certifications are also very important in becoming a roulette croupier. Normally, this is provided by a licensed school of dealing and a gaming regulatory board. Furthermore, a roulette croupier may also need some specific training for the job. Some casinos also require an applicant to take a mathematical test since a roulette croupier’s job may need mathematical calculations.

An ideal roulette croupier should be physically and mentally sound. He or she should also be very good at socializing with other people. A casino can be a very chaotic place to work in considering the noises, smoky atmosphere and intoxicated players. A roulette croupier may have to stand for long hours and may even deal with roulette players with bad attitudes. Most casinos hire applicants with physical, mental and social characteristics that can cope up with the stress and pressure of being a roulette croupier.

If you think that being a roulette croupier is easy, then perhaps you should think again. Provided the needed qualifications to become one and the responsibilities that they need to do, being a roulette croupier is not for the weak at heart.

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